Video Game Party

Remember that nerd warning? Yeah, so we had a video game party. We set up every console we had on a TV – ranging from an Atari to two PS3s. The guys were in control of having a wide range of games to play. My goal was to get the house looking good.

Super Mario Bros. Floating Cubes
Super Mario Bros. Haunted House Ghosts
Katamari Cousins Papercraft

Food Things:
Katamari Balls (rice krispy treat balls mixed with a variety of sprinkles)
Pokemon/Poke balls (made of jello)
Pac-Man sugar cookies
Mana/Stamina/Health Drinks (various flavors of Mountain Dew – alcohol optional)
Potion Pots based on Diablo 3

We also bought giant pizzas. They were the size of our table. It was an epic night. More details on the projects and food coming soon!

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