Random Notes

I don’t mention it often because this blog traditionally has been where I share DIY and fun crafty and baking things. (That’s the goal anyway… if I updated more often… )

But I do have a Facebook page where I sell things! I’m working on revamping Etsy. Soon… In the meantime, feel free to hop on over to my Facebook page. I have mostly earrings and jewelry for sale, but I’m hoping to increase my inventory very soon. Valentine’s Day is coming up! You know, that day you either loathe or love. Or both. I’m somehow in the both camp.

At any rate – here’s the newest thing in my shop:

Dandelion Bottle Pendants by Whisk and Thread

I made these little pendants with dandelions that I hand picked. If you’re interested in buying one, head on over to my Facebook page and you can contact me directly through there. :) Fairly soon I might do a DIY of these little guys, too. They’re a lot of fun!

Hope everyone is staying warm for winter!

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I’m so excited for fall!! I have so many pumpkin things right now. I’ve already started baking up a storm and putting up the Halloween decor.

Also this.


It’s probably me. I think I’m that girl…

Anyway, that’s it. Just wanted you to know. More posts coming soon!

Happy pumpkin! I mean, autumn!

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