Beginning Designs for the Harry Potter Party

We are incredibly lucky and we live in quite a large house. We rent this place, but it’s reasonably priced (which is rare in Austin, Texas), and it has two stories with an open floor plan downstairs. That means it’s great for parties.

We decided for this party, we would split each room downstairs into it’s own house common area. So Ravenclaw is in our small library, Gryffindor will be in the living room (because it has a fireplace), Hufflepuff is in the dining room, and Slytherin is in what we currently call the LAN cave. Because we’re dorks and have our PS3s setup in there so we can play Borderlands 2 together. (I warned y’all about that geek thing.) I think it was at one point a patio that was closed in, so it’s a step down and seems kind of dungeon like, which is perfect for Slytherin. We’re also turning our kitchen into Honeydukes.

The main plan right now is to add house-themed curtains EVERYWHERE, on top of traditional Hogwarts things. It is also a Halloween party, so my boyfriend is in charge of making sure there are enough Halloween-themed elements as well. That’s the super basic plan.

Craft project list includes:
– Making curtains
Making wands
– Floating candles
Floating pumpkins
– Photo booth using an Azkaban Wanted background/sign
– Handmade Owls
– Horcruxes (to hide and give to those who find them)
– Jack-o-lanterns
– “Brick wall” for Platform 9 3/4
– Phoenix perch
– SPEW buttons
– Invitations
– Printed things and handmade signs for everything…

So this is where it begins. And hopefully it’ll turn out as well as I hope. Stay tuned.

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